Binary Options Trading: The Ultimate Guide (5000+ words)

Binary Options Trading: The Ultimate Guide  


You probably have heard about people making money trading Binary Options…  


But how do they do it?  


Well today is your lucky day because I will reveal everything and I mean everything there is to know about binary options trading.  


All in one extended post right here!  


Some of the tips you may have heard of already,  


Others may be new to you…  


But one thing for sure is that after reading this ultimate guide on binary options trading you will have the answer to one important question…  


How to trade binary options successfully?  

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I have been working in the industry since 2008 just when things started.  


I have seen people make a fortune.  


And I have seen people lose a lot!  


Being in the industry for over 7 years I have learned a lot about Binary options trading.  


When I was working as a broker I was trading my clients accounts and I was making them a lot of profits.  


After five years as a broker I saved up money and started trading for myself…  


And I have never looked back since.  


Over the years I have developed great relationships with the best binary options brokers in the industry,  


(as you will learn later on in this guide this will help you out a lot. ) 


There are many brokers available to trade with (over 150 last time I checked).  


What is important for you guys to know is that…  


All the Binary Options Brokers featured in this post and website are the best brokers around.  


I have also negotiated exclusive signup deals with the binary options brokers,  


so when you sign up to a broker from my page you will be left in good hands and they will know I referred you.  


To see the full list of trusted brokers you can visit the up to date  binary options brokers table on my homepage by clicking here.  


Before we go any further, I want to set something straight…  


I set up this website for one reason and one reason only,  


To ensure that EVERYONE knows what they are doing before they start binary options trading.  


So read this post and in no time you will learn how to trade binary options like a pro.  


Oh and the last thing before we start…  


This guide is very very long  


so if you don’t have time to read the whole article,  


make sure you bookmark this page now so you can always come back to it later.  


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 Okay, now let’s get down to business:

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Okay, now let’s get down to business:




What is Binary Options Trading?

  Binary Options trading is the EASIEST way to trade the markets.  


Fact is,  


There is no simpler way to do it.  


Most brokers have over 120 different assets you can chose to trade on.  


These assets can be broken down into 4 categories:  




Binary Option asset list.

The different types of binary option assets available to trade on.

Binary Option asset list. The different types of binary option assets available to trade on.



If you decide to trade on Forex this means you will be trading on the movement of currency pairs. The most popular Forex currency pairs to trade on are:  



Forex Definitions

Great British Pound (UK)
United States Dollar (USA)
Euro (EU)
Japanese Yen (Japan)
Swiss Franc (Switzerland)


In this video Investopedia briefly explains that Forex (Short for foreign exchange) is a market where participants buy , sell and exchange currency’s.


Here is their official official definition of the term Forex :    


DEFINITION of Forex – FX   The market in which currencies are traded. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average traded value that exceeds $1.9 trillion per day and includes all of the currencies in the world.


Trading stocks on Binary Options gives you the opportunity to trade on some of the worlds biggest company’s. You can trade on HSBC, Facebook, Google, Nike, Apple, Sony just to name a few…  


If you choose to trade on commodities you have the option to trade on Oil, Gold, Silver and many more.  


  Trading indices also known as Index trading is great for specific periods in time.  


Trading indices is great for when an economy is strongly shifting towards one direction due to economical impacts.  


Index trading is trading on a portfolio of stocks.  


Here’s what this is all about…  


You may of heard about the FTSE 100.  


The Financial Times Stock Exchange….  


The FTSE 100 is an Index (Indices) of the 100 largest companies listed in the London Stock Exchange.  


So essentially if you are trading on the FTSE 100 you are trading on the general performance of the top 100 major companies listed in the UK.  


This can be extremely useful if there has been a major report or news bulletin released which effects the whole of the UK,


like a change in the UK interest rate or an unemployment rate report.


This will most likely cause the FTSE 100 to shift in a direction and will give you a great opportunity to make great profitable trades.  


But don’t worry!  


We will dig into detailed winning strategies in more detail later on in this guide.  


The Main Indices

FTSE 100DOW 30DAX 30HSI 40CAC 40
Financial Times Stock Exchange: Top 100 companies trading in the United Kingdom.
Dow Jones Industrial 30: Top 30 companies trading in the United States.
Deutscher Aktienindex: Top 30 companies trading in Germany.
Hang Seng Index: Top 40 companies trading in Hong Kong.
Commissaire Aux Comptes: Top 40 companies trading in France.


How to Trade Binary Options ?


As I mentioned before,


Binary Options trading is really the simplest way of trading the markets and when done right it can be very profitable.  


When trading binary options the only real question you need to ask yourself is this…  


Will the asset I decide to trade on end up at a higher or lower price at the set expiry time?  


If you are correct you will get a fixed payout back on your investment.  


For example:  


You decide to trade on Coca Cola.  


The payout for Coca Cola is set at 73%.  


This means that you will get 73% profit on your investment if you win the trade.  


In order for you to win the trade we will need to predict if the price of Coca Cola will be higher or lower than the current price at the expiry time which in the example below is at 16:30.  


So a winning $100 trade will give you a return of $173 ($73 profit).  


In the example below you can see that the time is 15:59 on August 31 2015 & Coca Cola’s trading price is at 39.125.  


The expiry time in this example was set to 16:30. (Brokers give you the option to select a preset expiry time.)  


So the question is…  


Will Coca Cola be higher or lower than 39.125 at 16:30?  


If you make the correct decision you will make a 73% profit on your investment.


If you are wrong then you will lose the trade.  


The binary options brokers will let you choose your expiry time, you can generally pick from:  


  • 60 Seconds expiry times
  • 5 minutes expiry times
  • 15 minutes expiry times
  • 1 hour expiry times
  • 4 hour expiry times
  • 12 hour expiry times
  • 1 week expiry times


  Take a look at the example below to get a better understanding of Binary Options Trading.    

Binary Options trading with Coca Cola. How to trade binary options.

At 16:30 the price of Coca Cola was 39.160,   this is higher then 39.125 which is the price I entered the trade, at 15:59 pm.


This means that if I had predicted that the price of Coca Cola would be higher at 16:30 then I would of won the trade  


and if I would have predicted that the price of Coca Cola would be lower at 16:30 then I would of lost the trade.  


I entered the trade when Coca Cola was trading at 39.125 at 15:59 and it ended at 16:30 at a higher price of 39.160.

coca cola binary options trading expiry price

It’s simple:

  1. Choose what asset you want to trade on (Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices).
  2. Decide if you think the price of the asset you choose will be HIGHER or LOWER at your chosen expiry time.
  3. Wait till the expiry time and hope you made the right decision.


It might sound a little bit complicated at first but trust me this really is the simplest way to trade the markets.




there are only 2 different decisions you can make;  


either you predict the price will be higher or the price will be lower at your chosen expiry time.  


If you make the right decision you win.  


So even if you don’t know what you are doing and you were to make a total blind guess,


the odds of you winning the trade is a 50/50 – exactly the same as a heads or tails coin toss.  


And with a little bit of knowledge, timing and strategy (which I will teach you in this guide)


you will be able to increase your odds of winning a trade to over 70% which is what will make you a consistent winner.  




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Press play to see EXACTLY how I made $170 profit in 10 minutes place a winning binary options trade:





Which Broker Do I Trade With?


You may be asking yourselves:  


Which binary options broker do I sign up with ?  


Well that’s an easy question to answer,  


because there are many brokers you can choose to trade binary options with.  


Some are new and some are old school veterans.  


Avoid shady brokers:  


The dark side of binary options trading is that there are a lot of low budget operations that rip people off.  


That’s why you need to be EXTREMELY careful about which broker you sign up with.  


Your best bet is to choose from one of the following brokers below.  


Featured Site

Featured Site

Featured Site


I can personally vouch for the binary options brokers above personally.  


What is important when it comes down to choosing your broker is that they must meet the following requirements:  


  • Fast Withdrawals.
  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • Large Range of Assets to Trade on.


  You’ll be glad to know…  


All the binary options brokers on my page have the above qualities.  


I have also made it easy for you guys to sign up to 24 Option (my personal brokers) by providing their EXPRESS sign up form ON THIS PAGE.


It’s a special form that will take you less than a minute to sign up and they will also know I referred you so they will give you special attention. 😉  


The best thing about 24 option is that after you make your initial deposit they will give you access to a ‘demo’ account.  


This will allow you to place some trades with play money so you can get a feel for the platform and understand how everything works without risking your own money.  


The minimum deposit on 24Option is the standard 250 $/£/ depending on your deposit currency.  


I recommend for you guys to deposit at least 500 $/£/.  


This will ensure that even if you lose a couple of trades you have enough balance in your account to trade without fear.  


But don’t worry…  


If it is too much for you then you can also fund your account with the minimum 250 $/£/ and still make a profit,  



Regardless if your first deposit is 250 or 500, I recommend you to trade for 2-3 weeks at first with your first deposit,

After a few weeks of trading:  


  • You will be familiar with the binary options platform.
  • You will know how to place trades comfortably.
  • You will have made your first few hundred dollars of profit.


  When you feel comfortable enough with the platform and your ability as a trader then you should increase your investment amount and start to make bigger profits.  


In the next chapter – Bankroll Management, I will explain about managing your finances in more detail.


Sign Up Below Right Now and Get Your Demo Account With 24 Options Instantly (Less than 1 minute).



24 Option Express Sign Up Form.



Daniel’s Tip: Never fund your trading account with money that you can’t afford to lose!
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Make Monstrous Profits When You Master Bankroll Management.


Let me share a secret with you…  


Bankroll management is the key to making BIG profits trading binary options online.  


It is very important.  


You could say that this is the most important skill required to make a consistent profit with binary options trading.  


In fact,  


People that succeed trading binary options do 3 thing very well:


  1. They don’t trade with emotions.
  2. They are mentally strong.

  And most importantly:  

  • They manage their bankroll efficiently.


  The 3 traits above are all part of what creates a winning trader.  


Let me be a bit more specific.  


Before you start trading Binary Options you must have a target in your head.  


A target of the amount of money you want to earn per month.  


Now I hate to break it to you but…  


  • You will not become a millionaire from Binary Options trading.
  • You will not magically transform 100 into 100,000.
  • You will not be making a profit everyday.


  Maybe I should of written this at the top of this post so you wouldn’t of had to waste your time reading everything until now 🙂  




the good news is that…  


You will make a good income trading if you do it correctly and focus on your bankroll management.  


Now – here is all you need to know about bankroll management:  


For the majority of you, your monthly profit targets from trading binary options will fall into one of the following categories:  


  • $1,000-$5,000 profit per month.
  • $5,000-$10,000 profit per month.
  • $10,000-$20,000 profit per month.


  Obviously the more you want to earn per month the more you need to invest initially.  


The table below will show you how much you need to fund your account with to realistically hit your monthly profit target.  


Initial Invested Amount Realistic Monthly Profit Target
250 – 500 $/£/€
1,000 $/£/€
1,000 $/£/€
2,500 $/£/€
3,000 $/£/€
7,500 $/£/€
5,000 $/£/€
12,000 $/£/€
10,000 $/£/€
25,000 $/£/€
25,000 $/£/€
60,000 $/£/€


Let me break it down for you:  


On an average month there are approximately 22 days of trading.  


This is because 95% of the markets are closed on the weekends so you should only trade Monday-Friday.  


This gives you around 22 days per month to hit your monthly target.  


So in order for you to profit:


$1,000 per month you will need to make a daily profit of around $45 ($45 x 22 days = $990 per month)  

$1,500 per month you will need to make a daily profit of around $65 ($65 x 22 days = $1,430 per month)  

$3,000 per month you will need to make a daily profit of around $135 ($135 x 22 days = $2,970 per month)  

$5,000 per month you will need to make a daily profit of around $225 ($225 x 22 days = $4,950 per month)  

$10,000 per month you will need to make a daily profit of around $450 ($450 x 22 days = $9,990 per month)  


You don’t need to hit your target to the exact dollar everyday,  


but as long as you get near enough you will be on the right track to hitting your monthly target and profiting well.  


So now I am going to get into more detail with an example.  


Let’s say your target profit per month from Binary Options trading is $3,000 per month.  


You should fund your brokers account with around $1,000-$1,500.  


As you now know you would need to be profiting around $135 per day to reach your monthly target of $3,000 profit.  


To get to your $135 daily target you would need to profit $45 from three single trades .   ($45 profit x 3 trades = $135 profit).  


If you successfully profit $45 from three trades you will hit your target of $135 per day.  


You could also hit your daily target of $135 by winning two trades at $70 profit each ($70 x 2 trades = $140)


or even by winning one trade of $135.  


So the question remains…  


How do you know how much to invest per trade?  


Well let me let you in on a bankroll management secret…  


Successful binary options traders have at least 20-30 times more balance in their trading account compared to their trade amount.  


This means that….  


If they are trading $100 on every trade. They will have between $2000-$3000 in their brokers account.  


Back to our example…  


Your account will be on around $1,000-$1,300 and your daily profit target is $135.  


If you hit your daily target of $135 per day over 22 days of trading,  


You will get to your monthly target of around $3,000 profit per month.  


So to clarify…  


You should only be trading around $40-$50 per individual trade and increase or decrease your trade amounts according to your overall balance.  


What does that mean for you?  




Take a look at the image below to see how much you should invest per trade: How much to invest per binary options trade.


By following the rule in the image above you will ensure that you will always have enough funds in your broker account even if you have a bad run and get a losing streak of several trades in a row.  


Think about it…  


It wouldn’t make sense for you to place $100 trades if your balance is on $200 because two losing trades and your account will be on $0.  


Make sure your trade amount is always in relation to your account balance.


You can always adjust your trade amount according to your account balance.  


I can’t stress this enough…  


the main reasons why traders wipe out their balances and lose everything,  


is because…  


  • The traders increase their trade size because they just lost a trade and want to get their losses back.
  • The traders blind guess a direction of an asset without really looking into the market or charts.
  • The traders go on a trading spree and place many trades in a short period of time.


  How do I know?  


I have personally witnessed several traders blow their complete bankroll in a few hours,  


simply because they couldn’t manage their bankroll properly.  


They traded with emotions…  


They started ‘Gambling’ instead of trading.  


You must be mentally strong and not let any emotions influence the way you trade.  


You will lose some trades!   That’s a guarantee.  


The quicker you realize that the better.  


Stick to a strategy, focus, believe in yourself and in no time you will see a consistent profit from binary options trading.  


With the knowledge in this chapter you can now workout how much you should fund your account with and how much you should invest per trade to hit your daily and monthly target.


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Binary Options Bonus

BONUSES are not that great for your trading account.  


Okay, let me repeat that…  


BONUSES are not that great for your trading account.  


Yes, you heard me correctly.  


What the bonuses are designed to do is to make you keep trading.  


The brokers make a profit every time you trade so it is in their best interest to make sure you make as many trades as possible.  


One way the brokers get you to keep trading is via the bonus system.  


What generally happens is that you get a bonus upon signup,  


this bonus is known as the ‘Welcome Bonus’.  


Most brokers will give you a 100% welcome bonus,  


but each binary options broker has their own different marketing programs so you may see other similar offers.  


The 100% welcome bonus means that if you deposit $1,000 they will give you another $1,000 into your account.  


Sounds good doesn’t it?  


Well here’s the catch:  


After you take a bonus you will usually only be able to withdraw the funds in your account,  after you have traded a certain amount.  


This allows the brokers to ensure that you keep trading.  


Hang on to your seat because…  


You probably won’t believe what I am about to say.  


The trading amount you need to trade before you can withdraw is usually between 20x-50x the total amount!  



  • You fund your account with $1,000.
  • You receive another $1,000 bonus.
  • Your total balance is now on $2,000.


  In order for you to withdraw your money back into your account you will need to trade around 20-50x that amount.  


This means trading anywhere between $40,000- $100,000 before you can withdraw anything.  


If you trade $50 per trade and make 10 trades a day your trading volume will be on $500 per day.  


$500 per day x 22 trading days in a month = $11,000 per month towards your trading volume.  


$11,000 per month x 4 months = $44,000.  


As you can see it is not such a good idea to take the binary options brokers bonuses.  


I will be honest with you…  


There are traders who take bonuses and get to their trading volumes many times but…  


In my opinion you are better off not tying your balance to any bonus at all.  


This gives you the freedom to withdraw your money whenever you choose.  


Binary Options Bonus.


How To Decide Which Asset To Trade On?

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Binary Options trading works…  


You’ve opened and funded your trading account with your favourite broker.  


The question is:  


Which asset do you trade on?  


And how do you know if the asset you choose to trade on is moving upwards or downwards?  


Bear with me, because I’m going to show you exactly how.  


Now before we go any further, I want to set something straight…  


The reason why an asset changes in price is because of SPECULATION.  


Let me give you an example:  


The UK unemployment rate figures get released once per month (usually in the middle of the month).  


Now if the unemployment rate increases this means that:  


More people in the UK are jobless.  


And if the unemployment rate in the UK decreases then obviously this means that:  


More people in the UK are finding jobs and are employed.  


So based on the statements above you can agree with me when I say…  


If the unemployment rate increases it shows uncertainty in the UK’s economy as more people who want to work are unemployed & are looking for jobs.  


This causes the GBP (Great British Pound) to get weaker and if we were to SPECULATE on which direction the GBP was heading (based on a rise of the unemployment rate)  


then we would probably use words like:  


DOWNWARDS/WEAKER/LOWER/FALLING whatever you want to call it.  


If you think this means nothing, think again…  


Because of the rise in unemployment you can predict that the GBP will get weaker,


this makes it easier for you to decide on which direction you want to place your Binary Options Trade.  


So using the example above what you would need to do to profit from this information is this:  


  1. Select to trade on the GBP/USD in your trading account.
  2. Select that the price of the GBP/USD will go lower.
  3. Watch the price of the GBP fall lower then the price you entered the trade on.
  4. Collect your earnings.



[clickToTweet tweet=”#BinaryOptions HACK: Keep refreshing your page when a financial report is due to come out. ” quote=”#BinaryOptions HACK: Keep refreshing your page when a financial report is due to come out to be the first one to trade off of the report.”]

Here is a real life example:  


On July 15th 2015 the UK’s unemployment rate rose for the first time in two years.  


So as you have just learned this shows weakness & instability in the UK’s economy and will probably weaken the GBP causing it to move downwards.  




Now take a look at this:  


The chart below which I got from shows the GBP/USD from July – September 2015.  


What you can see is that like we SPECULATED the GBP/USD went down on July 15th 2015.  


This gives you a great opportunity to master binary options trading,  


Because as you know….  


With Binary Options trading you only need to predict if the price of an asset will go HIGHER or LOWER.  


GBP/USD chart jul - sept 2015  


Now in the chart above you may have noticed something that is hard to escape your eyes…  


A HUGE drop of the price of the GBP/USD at the end of August / beginning of September.  


You may be asking what that’s all about?  


Well let me tell you.  


At the end of August 2015 there was a ‘Migrant Crisis’ in the EU.  


Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Syria, Kurdistan and other countries in the region were trying to make their ways into the EU in every way possible….  


Road, Rail, & Sea.  


There was a lot of media coverage on this topic especially as hundreds of migrants were hurt trying to make their way into the UK.  


After a few days of commotion…  


David Cameron (the prime minister of the UK) announced two things:  


  1. The UK was to accept 20 thousand more refugees.
  2. The UK will provide a further £100 million in aid.


  This caused a lack of confidence towards the British economy,  


which lead to the BIG drop in the GBP/USD which you can see on the chart.  


It lasted for days…


BBC News migrant article affecting the gbp usd


It is in moments like these that you can really make A LOT of winning binary options trades.  


As you know events like the story above do not happen everyday.  


That is why I focused more explaining about the Unemployment rate figures…  


As this is a report that you can rely on month on month.  


You may be asking yourself…  


The UK unemployment rate report gets released once a month,  


what the heck do I trade on for the rest of the month?  


The good news is that the world never lacks a good headline.  


Everyday you will find headlines that will cause movements in the stocks, commodities, indices or Forex.  


Apart from the news there are also financial reports released nearly every single day!  


Keep reading on and in the next chapter I will show you step by step how to find the information you need to make winning trades everyday.


Your Daily routine as a Binary Options Trader: Step By Step Method to Making Winning Trades Everyday

  I’d like to tell you more about your daily routine as a binary options trader.  


Binary Options trading is suitable for pretty much anyone.  


Regardless if you have a full time job, married plus 3 or even both…  


There is simply no excuse.  


You only need around 20 minutes per day and you have the weekends off!  




so let me tell you about how your daily routine should be like in two easy steps:  


Step 1: Find An Asset Worth Trading On For The Day:  


Find an asset which looks like it will be a big mover for the day.  


(By big mover I mean an asset that looks like it will clearly move towards one direction)  


You need to have your own personal collection of websites and sources that will provide you with up to date financial news.  


One of the sites which will be useful for you will be .  


Quickly skim through the headlines until you see something that is of interest.  


Market Watch binary options trading headlines


  As you can see in the image above. I have highlighted two headlines that will be of interest for trading.


  1. “Twitter stock jumps after analyst upgrade”
  2. ” Oil Prices stumble as the week begins”


With this information I now know to focus my trades for the day on 2 assets :


  • Twitter
  • Oil


  Step 2: Execute the trade on your Binary Options Platform


I took a screenshot of the chart for Twitter so you can see the movement that happened due to the headlines.  


Let’s take a look at Twitter’s chart the same day of the headline:


Twitter chart for binary options trading


  Let me give you a bit of an idea of what’s going on in the Twitter chart above.  


The chart above shows the Twitter price for the day.  


From the left hand side you can see that in the beginning of the day the chart was flat – No movement.  


You can then follow the flat line across,  


and then suddenly…  


You can clearly see the price of Twitter shooting up.    


The time the Twitter price shot up was when the headline “Twitter stock jumps after analyst upgrade” was released.    


So this is what you would need to do to profit from this bit of information.  


Go to your:  

  • Binary options broker platform.
  • Select the Stocks section and find the Twitter stock.
  • Choose the direction of Twitter to go higher.
  • Set your trade amount and the expiry time for your trade.
  • Collect winnings.



  If you do this at the right time you will be making winning trades time after time.  


It is extremely important that you act on a news headline or report as soon as it is released.  


If you wait too long, it might be late to capitalise on the opportunity.  


Apart from the news headlines,  


there is a tool you must use which informs you when a report gets released…  


It’s called: The Economic Calendar.  


An Economic calendar is an interactive timetable that shows you all the release times and dates of all the financial reports.  


There are many financial reports released every day.   Here is a list of some of the reports that are released:  

  • Unemployment Rates
  • Average Earnings
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Interest Rate Change
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)


  The economical calendar I personally use can be found here.  


It is extremely useful as it sorts out the timetable by:  

  • Date
  • Time
  • Importance
  • Country
  • Forecast


    and more…    


The economic calendar will become your new best friend.    


Look at the image below to see an example of what an Economical Calendar looks like:    


Economic Calendar  


For an explanation on the Economic Calendar above look at the table below:  


Economic Calendar Table Explained:

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6
Shows the time the report will be released.
Shows the country from which the report will be released and the currency which will be effected.
Shows the importance of the report. Where 3 bulls is the most important.
Shows the name of the report.
Shows the actual figures released from the report.
Shows the forecast of the report.

9Get The Secret Site List.

I have 5 secret news websites and sources that I personally use everyday which help me to make thousands of dollars per week.  


These sources are used by the top traders of the world and it’s where they all go to, to get the important financial news first.  


But first a warning:  


I will only share these websites for free with my subscribers as I don’t want to publish the secret sites PDF publicly on my webpage.  


[fancy_box id=5][content_upgrade id=262]CLICK HERE To get FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the Secret Sites PDF.[/content_upgrade][/fancy_box]     


Daniel’s Tip: There are several financial reports released per day. A lot of the reports won’t have a big impact on the market. Make sure you only trade on assets based off of important reports only. You can tell which report will have a big impact on the market by looking at the importance column on the economic calendar.


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